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Vaisberg Matvei - artist-painter

Vaisberg Matvei - artist-painter

Matvei Vaisberg is a Ukrainian painter, graphic artist and book designer. Vaisberg deeply appreciates the creative work of many artists, especially that of Georges Rouault, Chaïm Soutine and Francisco Goya. Together with Andrij Mokrousov, an art and literary critic, he developed the conception of art arrière-garde many years ago and represents it in his art. Along with being a stranger to the mimetic, he cannot be considered to be close to abstract art at the same time. Without reckoning himself as a religious artist or a religious human, he nevertheless remains a faithful adherent of biblical themes (Days of Creation, Book of Job, Scenes from TaNaK). In 2014, the artist turned his attention to the event, taking place in Kiev during 2013-2014, and painted “Wall” cycle.

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