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A tube of paint, as the beginning of impressionism

A tube of paint, as the beginning of impressionism

Published: 27/06/2019 Times Read: 1775 Comments: 1

The invention of the tube for oil paints has led to the emergence of impressionism! Pierre Renoir, one of the founders of impressionism, said that without the invention of colors in tubes there would be no impressionism.

After all, the artists themselves made oil paints, they were tied to workshops, studios. Imagine that before starting to work, the artist needed to create for each shade of his own palette a fresh pasty mixture of paint from pigments and oils (mainly used flaxseed). To do this, the pigments need to be carefully ground, to monitor the exact proportions for the desired color intensity and so on. This process was and remains quite time-consuming.

In this case, the mixture could be stored only for a limited time and harvested only in small portions. By the way, this is information for reflection for all those who think that artists wrote only with the arrival of the muse. There, any muse could wither while preparing for work ... For the Impressionists, it was very important to capture the instant, the variability of the surrounding world. Without paints in tubes, work in the open air, in the open air was very problematic.

In 1841, the American artist John Rend invented the tin tube, which could compress and squeeze the necessary amount of color out of it. The tube was provided with a lid. All these improvements contributed to the fact that the paint did not dry out and the artist could easily create his own painting in the open air.

So the next time when you pick up a tube of toothpaste, hand cream or a handy and long-stored tube of paint, remember that this miracle was invented and created by the artist. Namely John Goff Rand.

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