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The main aesthetic means of sculpture are: volume, silhouette, proportions, texture, material, sometimes color. The main means of expression in sculpture is its volume. It looks from all sides: possible circular inspection or perception from several points of view. The main subject of the image in sculpture is man. The sculpture captures all the most beautiful, sublime and unique in man. The online gallery ArtGallery.Market acquaints you with the works of artists-sculptors, whose works will bring into your home an excellent plastic.

Air kiss

Air kiss




  • Sku: ART-48-000-027



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The Menorah is a golden seven-lamp lamp, or a candlestick for seven candles (a candlestick), which, according to the Bib..

  • Sku: ART-48-000-018
  • Sku: ART-48-000-026
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